“Resimercial” is a relatively new term that defines the art of incorporating residential and commercial design elements, products, materials, and services. Given the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and how people now live, work, learn, and interact within their homes, it stands to reason that we’re going to see a lot more of this hybrid approach in both design and integration. People want homes that are comfortable, meaningful, accommodating, and personalized, but they also want them to remind them of places they’ve been, people they’ve shared experiences with, and things they enjoy. The current trend is to create a home that serves as a sanctuary but that can also provide room to entertain. Resimercial offers the perfect solution, in my opinion. Here are some great examples from the design world that you may want to consider.


Home theaters are intended to be fun and functional; a place to retreat to with a bucket of popcorn, snacks, and drinks. Spills happen! Thankfully, many new textiles and carpet yarns that were once exclusively used in commercial applications are now crossing over into residential and are ideally suited for the type of wear and tear a home theater gets.

For instance, textile manufacturers now offer 100 percent acrylic yarn that is soft, luxurious, and snuggly, and that can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Similarly, high-performance nylon and polyester yarns that provide a lustrous feel and texture, and even include bleach-cleanable upholsteries, are now commonly available for residential applications.

Advancements in this area also include weaves and yarn systems for rugs and carpeting that provide great aesthetics for the places we work, live, and learn. One of my favorites is a woven flooring done on a Jacquard loom that provides beautiful and stylish patterns and offers exceptional strength, durability, and stain resistance.

Of course, upholstery, carpets, and other materials will never be completely invincible, but commercial material options provide a higher level of performance that, in my opinion, is well worth the effort and expense (especially where kids or dogs reside).

Insider tip: Have a client who loves the look of white? Definitely go with commercial materials as they’re less likely to show smudges or become dingy over time.


There are virtually unlimited options for hard surface products for floors, counters, walls, and ceilings, and homeowners want them all, more so now than pre-pandemic. The challenge now is to create a space that provides the look and feel people want but to also provide a home that’s easier to clean and sanitize. For this, my go-to’s are often Caesarstone or Corian, both of which are very durable, low-maintenance, and, because they’re nonporous, easier to disinfect.

Ecoustic 50mm panel

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